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ID-100142636Every nation on Earth has a form of currency. Whether it be electronic, paper or coin currency, each nation is marked by its individual currency which is used in exchange for goods. However, as our world is run with the idea that currency equates to wealth and sustenance, there is a responsibility that we all have when using our currency. Money management has been a concept that has been encouraged over the years. Various tips on how to invest and spend one’s money have proliferated to the degree of national figures such as Suze Orman coming to the forefront. However, even with all of the currencies in our world there is a slight difference between them and that is their comparative value with other currencies.

Basically, if you live in the United States and you wanted to use American currency in Russia, you wouldn’t be able to.  The reason is because the currency is virtually worthless in Russia, and would need to be exchanged at the Russian rate through a currency exchange.  This would allow any American to go to Russia to purchase goods, but only with what is known as the Russian Ruble.

When you look at this concept spiritually, there are two types of currencies that we are given to use.  There is the currency of this world which is to operate in our sinful nature. Or, there is the currency of Heaven which is to operate by following Jesus Christ. 1 Peter Chapter 2, begins with the very essence of admonishing those who are Christians to live in holiness and to forsake the ways of sinfulness.

The words, “Royal Priesthood”, “Holy”, and “Holy Priesthood” are used in various translations of this passage.  However, the point is that the Apostle Peter wanted to distinguish between those who are of the world, and those who have accepted Christ.

1 Peter 2: 1-3 says:

(ESV) “So put away all malice and all deceit and hypocrisy and envy and all slander. Like newborn infants, long for the pure spiritual milk, that by it you may grow up into salvation— if indeed you have tasted that the Lord is good.”

Verses 4-5:

As you come to him, a living stone rejected by men but in the sight of God chosen and precious, you yourselves like living stones are being built up as a spiritual house, to be a holy priesthood, to offer spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ.”

In this passage, there is also the mention of the “Living Stone”. The “Living Stone” is that of Jesus Christ.  When this scripture mentions “a living stone rejected by men” it means that Jesus was rejected by the world, but He was also chosen by God as precious or valuable.  Anyone who chooses Jesus Christ will also be like Christ in the sense that God has chosen those who follow Him to be Holy and set apart from the world. Verse 6 says that there is honor in those who believe in Jesus, and they will not be put to shame.

However, in verses 7-9, the term, “stumbling block” or “rock of offense” is used to denote that those who do not believe will stumble in disobedience. Basically, those who reject Christ will find themselves at odds with God and will be offended which will result in sinful actions as a form of rebellion. Verse 9, however, affirms those who choose Christ as being a “Royal Priesthood” and a “Holy Nation.” Even in verse 11, the Apostle Peter implies that Christians are “exiles” or as other translations use the words, “alien” or “not of this world”.  Peter encourages Christians to abstain from sin and to walk in the true calling of God’s righteousness.

The point to be made concerning the concept of spiritual currency is that there are two options.  The first option is given clearly in 1 Peter Chapter 2 which is to be apart of the Royal Priesthood by accepting Christ’s sacrifice.  In this scripture, Peter is speaking to Christians who have already made that choice. The fact is that we all have a choice to either choose Christ or to serve our fleshly desires.

If you decide to choose Jesus Christ and live for God, you are operating out of a currency of spiritual wealth. What does this mean? This means that you are now able to live a life of abundance which isn’t just isolated to money, although monetary wealth isn’t discouraged. Spiritual wealth means peace within your mind, a heart that is full of joy, and a soul that is destined for everlasting life when your time on Earth is done. You are chosen to do God’s will and to be set apart from the rest of the world.

This also means, that if you attempt to use this spiritual currency in this worldly system, that you will find yourself rejected by the world. Just like the example of using one nation’s currency in another, it won’t work unless you exchange the different values.  This is why, Peter uses the term, “Rock of offense.”  To the sinner who is not open to receiving Christ, God’s ways and those who follow God are seen as foolish.  Thus, those who follow God are spurned due to the reaction to the beckoning that comes from a loving God.

However, on the flip side there is an alternative currency and that is the currency of this world.  This is not in the monetary sense because we all use a form of currency to survive.  This currency is based out of one’s refusal to live in obedience unto God. Instead, it is a currency that openly accepts satan and the fleshly desires that come from our sinful nature.

As a result of living in unrepentant sin, the price is that of spiritual bankruptcy which means that life begins to decay. Why is it that so many who live in their sin, are many of the most unhappy and unfulfilled individuals?  That is because, for one, our lives were meant to be connected to God through Jesus Christ. Secondly, sin is a disease which drain the very life out of every human. The toll that comes from a sin filled life is one of decadence and poverty.

The world around us sounds a clarion of living for happiness, doing as you please, and doing “what feels good.” However, if you live by this spiritual currency there are negative consequences.  Every society that has removed or forcibly squelched the message of God has been a society that never experienced positive net gains that come from living in godly prosperity.

The result of any nation that lives by satan’s currency is one that is in abject poverty both physically and spiritually.  Confusion and chaos begin to become the norm, because of a staunch opposition to God’s precepts.  Just look at America for example – America is a country that has become bankrupt in the literal and spiritual sense.  It may be a country that claims to be the “wealthiest nation on Earth” however, even with what appears to be monetary stability it is anything but wealthy.  Confusion and various tragedies reign, because of humanity’s refusal to accept a Holy God through Jesus’ sacrifice.

Which currency are you using?  Are you living by the spiritual currency that the media feeds you daily? Or are you living by the spiritual currency that is tied to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords?  If you are spiritually bankrupt, there is a method of exchange that you have access to, and that is through Jesus Christ.  By accepting His sacrifice and turning from your sins, your destitution will turn into spiritual wealth.  Take the time today, and exchange your sins for a life lived in eternal security and spiritual richness.