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ID-10088842In an earlier blog post entitled ‘The Invitation – Will You Accept It?’, the concept of accepting the open invitation that God offers through Jesus Christ was examined. The example of an invitation that is sent to selected individuals was highlighted to point out that God invites every person to accept His invitation of salvation through Christ. However, with every invitation and acceptance of the invite there is then the addition of a person’s name to a guest list.

A guest list is used to confirm that an individual has indeed been invited and accepted the invitation.  The person’s signature or name on the list is used to identify the individual and or accompanying guests with the event and those who are the honorees of the event. Without your name showing as listed, then you are unable to gain entry into the event or participate.  So, in the case of any social event that requires an invitation, it is usually best to ensure that your name is added to the list.

Spiritually speaking, the process is the same when it comes to receiving salvation through Jesus Christ. The first part of the process involves an invitation that is sent unto all of humanity.  The second part of the process involves the addition of each individual’s name once Christ’s sacrifice has been accepted.  In the book of Revelation Chapter 21, there is a reference to what is called, ‘The Lamb’s Book of Life’.  Verse 27 of this chapter says:

(ESV) “But nothing unclean will ever enter it, nor anyone who does what is detestable or false, but only those who are written in the Lamb’s book of life.” 

The Apostle John is the writer of the book of Revelation, and it is important to note that the ‘it’ that John refers to is that of ‘The New Jerusalem.’  What is ‘The New Jerusalem’? ‘The New Jerusalem’ will be the manifestation of God’s Kingdom on Earth.  It will be an Earth that is completely remade, and it will be purged from the sin that currently exists today. The Apostle John makes it clear in verse 27 that anyone whose name is not written in The Lamb’s Book of Life, shall not enter into ‘The New Jerusalem.’

In Chapter 21, the Apostle John is shown a vision of what ‘The New Jerusalem’ or ‘The New Earth’ will look like. Seven angels show John the images of The New Earth in verses 9-25. Nevertheless, it is important to note that according to 2 Peter 3:10, the Earth in its current condition will be destroyed by fire. This will occur after the Earth as we know it has ceased. It is only at that point that ‘The New Jerusalem’ will be established. However, before all of that occurs, there is a period of time in which anyone who desires can be saved through Jesus Christ.

As a side note, it is necessary to point out that the book of Revelation is essentially a book full of prophecy.  It is one of the main books of the Bible which uses imagery concerning The End Times and what will take place when the end of the Earth as we know it shall come. Throughout this book, the Apostle John records symbolic visions which relate to where we are today, and what will occur in the future.

‘The Lamb’s Book of Life’ or as other verses of scripture use the phrase, ‘The Book of the Living’, is the book in which the name of every person who receives salvation through Jesus Christ will be added. ‘The Book of Life’ is mentioned in various scriptures from Philippians 4:3, to Revelation 20:15, and even Psalm 69:28.  It is clear that whenever a person receives salvation, their name is recorded as a way to confirm their entrance into our resting place in God’s presence.

However, those whose names are not recorded are literally on the outside looking in. Revelation 20:15 says it this way:

(ESV) “And if anyone’s name was not found written in the book of life, he was thrown into the lake of fire.”

In Revelation Chapter 20, the Apostle John is seeing a different vision than in Chapter 21.  In this chapter, he recounts what will occur after satan is finally defeated, and those who have rejected Christ receiving judgment. Based on verse 15, it is clear that those who chose to reject God openly will suffer the punishment of being thrown into the lake of fire.  The lake of fire is the eternal punishment designated for satan and his followers.  So, if anyone adamantly rejects Jesus Christ and leaves this natural life in that condition, their name will not be recorded in The Book of Life.

Having your name recorded in The Book of Life, secures you eternally because it allows you to have access to the Kingdom of Heaven and eternal rest. There will be many who will be unaccounted for, and yet at the end of their lives they will come to the point of wanting to receive Jesus Christ as Lord & Savior.  However, at the point of judgment, it will be too late.

The opportunity to receive Jesus Christ while you are alive is God’s gift of time to all of us. Many will spend their lives wasting away and serving their sinful nature only to find that it profits nothing. A life that is lived for oneself is a life that is built upon a foundation that is unstable. God desires that every name be added to The Book of Life. However, He knows that there will be many who will reject His gift of love and salvation.

Just as an invitation is sent to a respected and chosen guest, there is a reciprocal action that the invited must take.  To participate in the event, the invited must accept the invitation to have their name added to the guest list. Failure to do so will result in a missed opportunity of experiencing what would potentially be a wondrous event. Many are traveling down the road of indifference or a blatant refusal of such an esteemed invitation.

How great is it to know that you and I have been invited  by the creator of the universe?  God the almighty wants to have a relationship with you through Christ, and He wishes that you spend eternity in His presence.  However, the choice is yours.  Will you accept this invitation and have your name added to The Lamb’s Book of Life? Accept the sacrifice of Jesus Christ in the pardon of your sins, and allow God to escort you into His glorious Kingdom.