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In the world of team sports, there are generally two sides that are competing for one goal and that is to win a contest and achieve total victory over their opponent. There is one side that is destined to win, and the other side that is destined to lose. In most cases, the winner and the loser are unknown until the end of the match has transpired. However, the common thread is that both sides are predestined to experience an outcome whether it be positive or negative.

Even as it relates to a wartime scenario.  In every major war, a conflict began between two sides that opposed another for various reasons.  However, just as a sports team was destined to win or lose in their contest, a nation or military regiment is also destined to be victorious or lose the war in their efforts.  In most cases, it isn’t necessarily possible to determine which side will win in a military conflict with the exception various circumstances guaranteeing a victory to one side over the other. (e.g. lack of military weaponry, one side being massively outnumbered, lack of military skill)

However, a war or a game played between two teams is usually dictated by chance and not necessarily concrete evidence that victory is imminent. Basically, anyone can win given the right circumstances. However, there is one particular war that you and I are engaged in on a daily basis and that is a war that is spiritual. Ephesians 6:12 says it this way:

(NKJV) “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.”

The fact is that our lives are the focal point of an actual battle in the spiritual sense. The enemy who is satan is constantly attacking all of humanity every day.  His desire is to not only distract but to destroy every person.  It is the goal of satan to prevent you and I from having an authentic relationship with God through Jesus Christ.  However, the 2nd part to this equation is that of the almighty God.

Not only is satan fighting for the possession of you and your soul, but God is also fighting for your possession.  The difference is, God is fighting for you in the context of love and securing your eternity with Him in His glorious presence. In fact, God fought for you and I from the very beginning of Adam & Eve’s disobedience in the Garden of Eden.

In Genesis chapter 3, there is an exchange that God has with satan who is at that time in the form of a serpent.  Here is what God declares to satan:

Genesis 3:15:

(NKJV) And I will put enmity Between you and the woman, And between your seed and her Seed; He shall bruise your head, And you shall bruise His heel.”

The above scripture is actually the first prophecy of Jesus Christ.  The ‘He’ in this scripture is referring to Jesus Christ.  God is stating that Jesus will ‘bruise’ or as other translations say, ‘crush’ the head of satan.  Of course, God also says that satan will bruise the heel of Jesus which denotes the crucifixion of Christ.  However, the Bible declares that Jesus not only died, but He rose again, giving Him victory over death and completing the process of redeeming humanity from sin. So, it is clear that from the beginning of time, God had a plan to fight for you and I, by allowing Jesus Christ to be the sacrifice for humanity.

However, even with both sides and their intentions being known, there is still a part that you and I have to play.  That part is deciding which side we will join ourselves with. Like it or not, there isn’t a choice as it relates to not picking a side. There are some who believe that they can merely ignore both sides and simply exist without consequence. Nevertheless, we are all born into sin, which means by default you and I were destined to be on the side of satan instead of God.

To be on the side of satan and his desire to eliminate humanity’s possibility of salvation is to conjoin yourself with a side that is destined for failure.  Satan knows that his ultimate ending is destruction at the hands of God Himself. So, he also wants to blind as many as he can, so that there will be many who join him in his destruction.  However, to be on the side of satan is to remain in a position of a destiny that does not include a victory.

On the other hand, to be on the side of God is to receive not only victory but peace, joy, and eternal security. The great thing about God is that when He fights for you and with you, losing is not an option. If you are on His side and you have accepted Jesus Christ as your savior then you are automatically a winner at the end of it all. It was the very act of Christ dying on the cross for the world that turned the tide from eternal damnation to everlasting life.

Some believe that if you decide to give your life to Christ that you will ‘miss out on all of the fun.‘ Many believe Christianity to be ‘boring’ and ‘stale’ because from the worldly point of view there are too many rules that prohibit you from ‘living freely.’ However, what those who are in darkness do not understand is that for one, such rules are in place for the protection of those who wish to be saved from disaster. Secondly, God is more concerned about the freedoms that you have in Christ, than the things you are unable to do.

What satan wants all of us to focus on are the things we can’t do if we decide to join the side of God. By focusing on what we can’t do or can’t have, then we begin to lust after the desires of the flesh and our lives become centered upon self-gratification.  The whole idea of living for Christ is to deny oneself for the sake of growing closer to God. There is a multitude of those who are choosing the losing side which is satan’s side.

Many are seeking fame, money, pleasure, and overall a life that exemplifies the very opposition to anything godly.  However, what they are unaware of is that there is an eventual state of decay which results from a life that is self-indulgent. Jesus Christ died on the cross and rose again so that you and I could experience a change in our original destiny.  However, there is a choice that you and I have to make.

God desires to know you and to be known by you, but He wants you to choose Him. His side will always be victorious because God has already made it so that the end result is nothing short of success. Unlike a sports game between two teams or even a war between two nations, the element of chance is not a factor.  There is a 100% success or failure rate that each of us can and will experience.  However, the success or failure is determined upon your choice accept God through Jesus Christ or to choose satan’s side.

If you don’t know Jesus Christ in the pardon of your sins, now is a great time to join the winning team.  If you do so now, you will not regret the decision for the rest of your life. God wants you to be apart of His success because on God’s team the success is shared with all who are within the family of God. Are you fighting on the winning side?