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ID-100279863The human eye is one of the most important parts of the body. While it is true that one can still live without eyesight, having the ability to see is what provides vision to the world around us. The eye is a body part that produces visibility and awareness to objects or human beings that are within our environment. One such fact about the human eye is that it serves an important role in the process of our brain activity.

When you and I look at an object, the image of the object is sent back to the brain in response to what we just saw. So what we perceive or the image that is set before us is parsed as information and sent back to our brain. Another fact about the human eye is that usually the object we are looking at is where our attention becomes diverted. This is of course until we decide to look at another object or person. However, our attention span involves our vision. For example, if you are watching television it then means that your attention is focused toward your T.V. This is because your vision or your eyes are focused on what you are watching rather than what is around you.

The same concept applies to having a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Daily, you and I are bombarded with distractions that are designed to divert our attention away from God. Satan uses various measures to place obstacles and sideshow attractions within our view so that we are no longer looking unto God, but instead focusing on the worldly aspects of life. In the book of Genesis chapter 19, the scriptural account of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah is recorded.

In this chapter, we can see that two angels approach a man named Lot and his family in the city of Sodom. The angels give Lot a warning about the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah essentially urging Lot and those with him to leave the city. In verse 13 the angels that the Lord had sent to give a message of urgency to Lot and his family proclaim the following message:

(NLV) “For we are about to destroy this place. Because the cry against its people has become so loud to the Lord that the Lord has sent us to destroy it.”

It is important to note that Soddom and Gomorrah were two neighboring cities that committed various acts of sin. It was the sinfulness that resided in both cities that caused God’s anger and wrath to be unleashed. Soddom and Gomorrah were cities that approved of just about every sin that you can think of. These cities were very similar if not the same as many nations that exist today. However, it is also important to understand that God’s judgment will fall upon every nation that promotes sin which means that there will be a day when all nations that reject God will be met with destruction.

Verses 14-16:

(NLV) “So Lot went out to speak to his sons-in-law who were to marry his daughters. He said, “Get up! Get out of this place! For the Lord will destroy the city!” But his sons-in-law thought he was only joking. When morning came, the angels told Lot to hurry. They said, “Get up. Take your wife and your two daughters who are here. Or else you will be destroyed when the city is punished.”

Verse 17:

(NLV) “When they had brought them out of the city, one of them said, “Run for your life! Do not look behind you. Do not stop until you are out of the valley. Run to the mountains or else you will be destroyed.”

Notice what the instructions of the angels were to Lot and his family. The angels explicitly give the order to Lot and his family not to look behind them. This, of course, can apply to the concept of obedience. Whenever God gives us commands He does so because He wants to protect us from negative consequences. The negative consequence in this scripture occurs to Lot’s wife.

Verses 25-26:

(NLV) “He destroyed those cities, and all the valley, and all the people of the cities, and what grew on the ground. But Lot’s wife behind him turned and looked toward the cities. And she was changed into salt.”

The punishment for Lot’s wife was that she was turned into a pillar of salt. It was due to her disobedience that she lost her life. However, the principle of this scripture isn’t just that she was disobedient but that she lost her focus. She took her eyes off of where God was leading Lot and his family. Essentially, she was distracted which resulted in her untimely demise.

The key of verse 26 is that Lot’s wife turned backward to look at the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. The instruction that the angels gave was to run and not to look behind. How often do you find yourself focusing on the daily distractions of this life? Lot’s wife was not focused on what was ahead but rather what was behind her. It is quite easy for you and I to take our eyes off of God. It is God who leads us and guides us if we are willing to be obedient and follow His plan for our lives.

The Psalmist David said in Psalm 141 in verse 8,

(NKJV) “But my eyes are upon You, O GOD the Lord; In You I take refuge;
Do not leave my soul destitute.”

The interesting aspect about the trek or path that Lot’s family was instructed to take was that they were headed into a place of safety. It was only when Lot’s wife took her eyes off of her destination that she was no longer in a place of safety. If you think about our world today, much of the violence and tragedies that we see are a result of the sinfulness around us. However, God wants us to put our eyes on Him because He is our place of safety.

It doesn’t mean that we should ignore the plight of our world, but we should remain focused by having our attention placed toward God and the things of God. If you are constantly engrossed in what the media has to say or what your friends have to say, then you will always be in a state of confusion. However, God wants you and I to put our attention where it belongs.

Even as it relates to accomplishing goals in your life that you know are tied to the promises of God, you must keep your eyes fixed toward God. The thing about God is that He wants us to depend on Him for every aspect of our lives. If He is the one who created the Heavens and the Earth then that means He also created every aspect of your life.

It is often easier to take matters into your own hands by attempting to solve your own problems. However, God wants everyone who will to surrender everything to Him and allow Him the space to invoke deliverance. Much of the turmoil that we see in our world is because of humanity’s sinfulness but also its disobedience. There are a myriad of world leaders who are attempting to solve spiritual problems in their human capacity.

However, it is only when our eyes are fixed unto God that He will deliver us and steer us into His will. That is what Lot’s wife failed to do. She misplaced her attention and diverted it to a place of sin and destruction. God desires for you and I to be in a place of safety but also a place of devotion unto Him.

If you don’t know Jesus Christ as your personal Lord & Savior then you are unable to fix your eyes upon God. Only through Christ can you focus on God who is the one who will lead you and guide you. Our world is ever-changing and it continues to grow worse because of the abundance of humanity’s sinfulness. However, when you focus on God through Jesus Christ you are able to avoid the snares and distractions that satan places before you. As believers, we must stay focused by placing our attention on God.