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If you are old enough to remember you can recount the education or principles that you received at a young age.  For example, simple mathematical principles such as 2+2 = 4, or reciting historical facts were a part of the development that you and I encountered. There were many educational tools that perhaps you were exposed to as a way to create an environment of learning so that you would grow older to use what you learned later in your life.  The point of many of the principles is that many of them remained true in their context.

No one can suggest to you that 2+2 = 16 because mathematically the answer is incorrect. If someone were to suggest to you that George Washington was the 15th President of the United States, they wouldn’t be able to do so with a valid argument because historically George Washington was the 1st President of the United States.  The point is that there are certain aspects of our lives that are not open for discussion and cannot be changed because they are immutable and factual.

Unfortunately, we are living in a time that the word ‘truth’ has taken on a different connotation.  Basically, there are various aspects of our global society which now lends itself to creating one’s own truth. Essentially, our world has now instituted the aspect of relativism.  This means that one can have a version of their truth while someone else can believe what they wish and it is true.  The problem with this belief is that only one side can be correct.  In the book of 1 Corinthians chapter 3, the Apostle Paul actually warns against accepting worldly wisdom or the wisdom of this world.

In chapter 3, the Apostle Paul is addressing the church of Corinth.  It was a church that was known to have issues with spiritual immaturity in addition to various sins that were present among many in the church.  In verses 1-4 of chapter 3, Paul addresses the spiritual immaturity and division that was apparent among the congregants. He even gives them instruction regarding their role in the body of Christ in verses 5-9. In verses 10-15, Paul even mentions the aspect of building the appropriate foundation of one’s life which is Jesus Christ.

In verses 16-17, Paul then addresses the principle of remaining Holy unto God since our body is the temple that the Holy Spirit resides in. Based on this chapter it is apparent that the church of Corinth needed words of truth and encouragement as it related to growing in spiritual maturity. However, in verses 18-20, the Apostle Paul warns against embracing worldly wisdom.

(NKJV) Let no one deceive himself. If anyone among you seems to be wise in this age, let him become a fool that he may become wise. For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God. For it is written, “He catches the wise in their own craftiness”; and again, “The Lord knows the thoughts of the wise, that they are futile.”

If you read further until verse 23 of this chapter you will see that the context of this portion of scripture admonishes those in the church of Corinth not to brag or think more highly of themselves as they ought to.  However, the focus of this post is to highlight what Paul says in verses 18-20.

Looking at those verses Paul says that the wisdom of this world is foolishness to God. What does Paul mean when he makes that statement? If you look at those who think that they are wise in their own merit, they are under the deception that they themselves have all of the answers. In our world today, there is an abundance of those who are deceived.  It has been decided that you can invent your own truth and believe as you see fit. However, there is a consequence that comes with perverting God’s truth and creating a falsehood or a lie.

Paul says at the end of verse 19 and in verse 20For it is written, “He catches the wise in their own craftiness”; and again, “The Lord knows the thoughts of the wise, that they are futile.” In other words, Paul is saying that God ensures that those who believe themselves to be wise by worldly standards are the very individuals that meet an unpleasant end. Paul says that the thoughts of the wise are futile. This means that those who have embraced worldly wisdom are unable to accomplish what they have set out to do in their own thoughts. 

The way of this world is to invoke pride in oneself and to change absolute truth into relative truth.  The deception is that there are absolutes that cannot be changed, yet we live in a world where many have embraced the wisdom of this world. If you look at homosexuality and even the lifestyle of changing your gender, there are certain truths both morally and spiritually that cannot be changed. When such behaviors or lifestyles are embraced by the masses it comes at a high price which is always negative.

However, satan who is our enemy has deceived the minds of many to believe that you can redefine what was never yours to define in the first place.  The reason why we must guard against accepting ‘the truth’ of this world is because it is based out of human wisdom. A person’s life that is based out of human or secular wisdom is a life that is destined for failure.  The only wisdom and truth that will create stability is that of God’s Word.

The Bible or God’s Word was written via the inspiration of God unto the men who wrote it. As much as our world changes, the fact is that God’s Word will always be true. There is so much confusion and chaos in our world today because many have adopted the wisdom of this age. ‘The Truth’ is now what you choose to believe rather than what is fact. You can invent what you wish as long as you are not hurting anyone else.

As a result, many of the behaviors that were once thought detestable have now become accepted and common as a part of the world’s culture.  Isaiah 5:21 says,

(NLT) What sorrow for those who are wise in their own eyes and think themselves so clever.” In this chapter, the Prophet Isaiah is speaking to the Kingdom of Judah.  At that time, the people of Judah were sinful individuals who had rejected God. However, this verse only shows to serve as a reminder that those who think of themselves as wise in their own eyes will meet an unfortunate demise just as those in Judah did. 

The overall point is that you and I must embrace God’s truth instead of what the world proclaims to be ‘the truth.’ Even if our society continues to decay morally and spiritually, God’s word will stand forever. You can see the confusion and instability of a world that believes in the creation of ‘your own truth.’ The only foundations that are concrete are upon Jesus Christ and the Word of God.

Do you know Jesus as your personal Lord & Savior? The truth of God can only be known and fully accepted when you are living a life that is surrendered unto Christ. Confess your sins before Him and believe in your heart that Jesus Christ is Lord. As for those of us who are in Christ our basis for truth should be none other than God’s Word.  The media and those of the world can change various facts to be ‘true’ but in reality it is only false. However, God’s Word will always be true regardless of what is said. Don’t be deceived by accepting worldly wisdom.  Only God’s truth will stand.