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Full Size ImageThunderstorms, tornadoes, hurricanes and even snow storms are a normal part of the natural occurrence of weather patterns. Each year, we can see both the beauty and the severity that exists as it relates to active weather scenarios. With each storm that approaches there is also the personal responsibility of everyone who will be affected to prepare and prepare adequately. Storms that are severe can and often impose hazardous conditions to those within range.

Thus, it is paramount that anyone who is warned of a looming storm prepare before it actually occurs. Lack of preparation will only lead to a disaster which could mean suffering minor or major injuries or even losing your life. Natural disaster mitigation has become more important than ever before due to the increase in the severity of weather patterns.

Spiritually speaking you and I must prepare ourselves before the judgment of God falls upon the nation that we live in. It is a fact that all nations will be judged by God at some point. In the book of Psalms chapter 9, the Psalmist David is actually giving adoration unto God for the judgment that He gives. Many of the Psalms which were written by David are songs of praise for the attributes and even the many acts that God had done for David in his life.

In chapter 9, David starts in verses 1-2 by giving praise:

(NLV) I will give thanks to the Lord with all my heart. I will tell of all the great things You have done. I will be glad and full of joy because of You. I will sing praise to Your name, O Most High.”

Verses 3-6:

(NLV) When those who hate me turn away, they fall and are lost from You. For You have stood by my right actions. You sit on Your throne and are right in how You judge. You have spoken sharp words to the nations and have destroyed the sinful. You have thrown out their name forever and ever.”

It is clear in verses 3-5 that David found himself in conflict with those who were considered to be his enemies. In Psalm 109, David prayed for the destruction of those who hated him or were against him. However, in Psalm 9, notice that the word ‘judge’ is used. This word is used to indicate that God is the ultimate judge over each person. This means that ultimately God will have the final say over every life and every nation.

Verses 6-8:

(NLV) Those who fight against You are finished forever. You have destroyed their cities. They will be remembered no more. But the Lord lives forever. He has set up His throne to say who is guilty or not. He will punish the world by what is right. He will be fair as He rules the people.”

These verses point to the fact that God has and will judge the world. David says that God “will punish the world by what is right.” which means that any nation or any person who is not following God’s decrees or His will, will find themselves in a state of punishment as it relates to the wrath of God. As mentioned in part 1 of the topic of the coming of God’s judgment, there will be a day in which God’s judgment will fall.  Sin cannot continue without a penalty. David made it clear that God’s judgment during His time of living was one of fairness and swift punishment against all who rejected God in His righteousness.

If you look at our world today, there are many signs of the coming judgment that God will bring. Various acts of violence occur daily in addition to blatant examples of God’s decrees being rejected by the masses.  The truth is that we are living in a world that is godless.  It doesn’t mean that those who God has called out of darkness do not exist. However, the majority have decided to embrace wickedness and a lifestyle that is open to sinful behavior. Even with the monumental evidence pointing in a direction of accepted sinfulness, there are things that you and I can do to prepare for the coming wrath of God.

1. Ensure that you are truly in Christ – To be found in Christ is the safest place that you can be during a time of disaster.  Scripture makes it clear that everyone who engages in pride and a rejection of God’s authority will be judged and taken down.  Isaiah 2:12 says the following:

(KJV) “For the day of the Lord of hosts shall be upon every one that is proud and lofty, and upon everyone that is lifted up; and he shall be brought low:”

However, in order to avoid calamity, you and I must find ourselves in a position of surrender unto Christ. You can think of being in a relationship with Jesus as being in a bunker or a cellar during a time of destruction. A bunker is a place in which you can hide during a time of a nuclear explosion. The purpose of a bunker is to shield those who are confined within it from the chemical elements and explosions that would be a result from chemical warfare. If you haven’t accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord & Savior, you are living in a life of sin and you are vulnerable to God’s judgment.  By finding yourself in Him, you will escape the penalty of a life that will be judged by God rather harshly.

2. Know what the signs of the times are – The truth is that we are living in the End Times. The End Times represent the active scenarios that will take place before Jesus Christ returns for those who have accepted Him as Lord & Savior.  The book of Matthew chapter 24 is a passage of scripture that points to many of the signs that would occur on Earth just before Jesus Christ will return. Many of the signs have taken place such as Earthquakes in many places, in addition to wars and rumors of wars.  Another such sign is the increase in wickedness which is stated in 2 Timothy 3:2.

The point is that we are seeing an escalation in the sinfulness of humanity in addition to increasing tragedies that are occurring daily. What you see on your local, national and international news networks are many signs which are pointing to the End Times. It is important that you and I are aware of the signs so that we are not caught unprepared when Christ returns. 1 Peter 4:7 says to be sober or aware so that you can be watchful and praying. We are to be mindful of the times that we live in and we are to be prayerful about our world and our very lives.

3. Know God’s Voice and know His truth – It is incumbent upon every person who desires to prepare before God’s judgment comes to know God’s voice and His truth. Knowing God’s voice comes by spending time with Him in prayer and in worship. It is the same as building a relationship with a person. The more you communicate and have a relationship, the more you will know the person’s voice or habits. God speaks in various ways but by spending time with Him you are then aware of His voice. God may be speaking to your heart and He may be urging you to deviate from your daily routine which may one day save your life.

Having a firm sense of when God is speaking and what He is saying will be vital during these times. Discerning His voice and knowing what He commands can be a difference in what happens to you and what you may avoid as a result. Knowing God’s Word will also help you to avoid the deception that satan proposes to us daily. If you don’t have a clear understanding of what God’s Word says and how to apply it, then you will fall for the lies of the world.

The fact is that God’s judgment is coming and it is coming soon. While you and I do not know exactly when the next wave of God’s judgment will fall, I can tell you that the day is sooner than not. God has already promised in various parts of the Bible that anyone who rejects His authority will be taken down by His righteous judgment. Every nation that approves of sinful behavior will be met with destruction. The judgment of God isn’t an easy topic to discuss, but it must be shared with the masses.

Every day there are many examples of how close we are coming to the judgment of God. It is only a matter of time before He reveals His wrath on every nation and person who is not found in Him. Will you be prepared for what is coming? If you don’t know Jesus Christ, today is the best day that you can accept His sacrifice. Find your safety in Jesus Christ and avoid the wrath of God’s judgment.