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ID-100169199A toolbox is a container that houses various assortments of instruments used to repair broken items. Each tool is designed to address a specific need with the intent to incorporate a solution to a problem. For example, a hammer is used to drive nails into a particular surface. If you need to tighten a loose nut or bolt, then a wrench would be useful. Or you may need to turn or even remove a screw which would mean using a screwdriver. Every tool that is available provides efficiency for the task at hand. Without the appropriate tool, then the issue that you may be facing will be unresolved until there is an intervention.

In the life of every believer, there are various tools that God has given to you and I as we journey through this life. The world continues to show us just how sin and a lack of morality have become the culture that many have embraced. If you turn on your television or even if you visit a website dedicated to the latest news you will see just how wicked and perverse our world has become. The fact is, the times that we are living in require a keen focus into who God is and what He desires for our lives. It also means that there must be the utilization of the spiritual tools that God has made available to every believer. This is so that we can be equipped to battle against satan as he continues to attack God’s people every day.

In scripture, there are various verses that we can examine to show us what tools we have available and also how such tools can be used so that we will be armed against the enemy’s schemes. The following are at least five tools that we who are in Christ have at our disposal. These tools are also taken from key verses of scripture to show you that God’s Word gives us all of the answers that we seek regarding life and how to live.

1. The Holy Spirit – The role of the Holy Spirit is to be our comforter and our helper. John chapter 14 and verse 26 says:

(NLV) “The Helper is the Holy Spirit. The Father will send Him in My place. He will teach you everything and help you remember everything I have told you.”

In this scripture, Jesus is talking to His Disciples, and He gives them the promise that the Holy Spirit will be sent to comfort them after His death on the cross. Basically, Jesus says that the Holy Spirit will be available once Christ leaves the Earth. Notice the key words in this scripture which are ‘teach’ and ‘helper.’ The Holy Spirit is available to every believer which gives you and I the ability to live triumphantly. The Holy Spirit which is one of the 3 in the Trinity (God, Jesus, Holy Spirit) is here to teach us. With the increasing level of deception in our world, we need the Holy Spirit more than ever.

The role of the Holy Spirit is to guide us into all truth so that we would not be deceived and destroyed. Secondly, the Holy Spirit is here to help us. He helps us to avoid the snares of the enemy in addition to giving us the supernatural power to do battle against our enemy. We obtain the indwelling power of the Holy Spirit through seeking God’s presence in prayer and in worship.

2. Pastoral Leadership – Unfortunately, there are some who are in Christ who choose not to find themselves in corporate worship or under the leadership of any Pastor. We are living in a time in which church attendance has dropped precipitously which aligns with the ‘Great Falling Away’ that the Apostle Paul talks about in 2 Thessalonians 2:3. However, God has designed Pastoral care and leadership for the well-being of believers who are not called to serve in that capacity. Every Christian who can should find a Pastor who speaks God’s truth and can teach them the principles of God’s Word.

Titus chapter 1 verses 5-9 mention the characteristics that a Pastor should exhibit. The Apostle Paul encouraged the institution of Elders (which is also aligned with what Pastors are meant to do which is to oversee believers in Christ) within churches. Verse 9 of this chapter says:

(ESV) “He must hold firm to the trustworthy word as taught so that he may be able to give instruction in sound doctrine and also to rebuke those who contradict it.”

The role of a Pastor is to give instruction to believers. Someone who is in Christ who does not have a Pastor to teach them in the ways of the Lord is someone who is without protection. The role of the Pastor which is also mentioned in Ephesians 4 verse 11 is one that God put into place for the purpose of leading believers and furthering the discipleship process. It is the role of a Pastor that buffers the enemy so that one’s soul is not left unattended and without sound instruction.

3. God’s Word – We are living in a time in which deception is increasing every single day. While it is important that we who are in Christ have the Holy Spirit, we also need to know God’s Word. It is knowing His Word and taking it as absolute truth that will spare us from being caught in the web of lies that satan puts forth. So many are now accepting what satan has given as truth instead of seeing God’s Word as the truth that is infallible and immutable.

Hebrews chapter 4 verse 12 says,

(NLV) “God’s Word is living and powerful. It is sharper than a sword that cuts both ways. It cuts straight into where the soul and spirit meet and it divides them. It cuts into the joints and bones. It tells what the heart is thinking about and what it wants to do.”

This scripture clearly states that God’s Word is ‘living and powerful.’ It is so powerful that the writer says that it is sharper than a sword that cuts both ways. Basically, it is God’s Word that convicts and brings the truth of God to our mind and our heart. It is the truth of God that cannot be changed despite how much the world around us changes. Using God’s Word as a filter allows you and I to avoid the lies that the world promotes to us daily. Knowing God’s Word and having it in your heart is what will give you knowledge and a baseline for conviction.

4. Prayer – Prayer is one of the most important weapons that we can use against the enemy. When we pray, we are establishing an open line of communication unto God which creates a relationship. Not only are we talking to God, but in prayer God talks back to us. It is like having a relationship with a person which is to say that constant communication builds the relationship. Through prayer, we have safety in addition to receiving the blessings that God desires for us.

Philippians 4:6 says,

(ESV) “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.”

God wants to know what is on your heart and He wants us to trust Him to the point that we rely on Him through prayer. Some may contend that if God already knows what we need or desire that there isn’t a reason to pray. However, when we pray it is the dialogue that we have with God that creates a closer relationship. Having daily times of prayer institutes a greater sense of who God is what He is able to do.

5. Fellowship with other believers – Knowing others who are also in Christ and having relationships with them establishes a mode of strength and accountability. In this individualistic society, it becomes so easy for us to be self-absorbed into our own thoughts and lifestyles. However, God created us to be relational which means to have relationships with others.

Hebrews 10:25 says,

(KJV) “Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching.”

The writer of this scripture wants us to understand that we must not take for granted that we can and should come together in the faith. Exhortation which also means to build each other up is an important part of the process. Weekly interaction with fellow believers gives you a sense of hope and also a sense of connection. This is also why it is important to be connected to a body of believers through regular church attendance.

The overall message is that we must be equipped through Jesus Christ. All of these tools are available to those of us who are in Christ, but to those who are not in Christ these tools cannot be manifested appropriately. If you don’t know Jesus, today is a great day to accept Him as your Lord and Savior. He wants to be your King and He desires that you have access to the tools listed above. In doing so, your life will be enriched and you will have the necessary means to address all of life’s circumstances. This is God’s promise to the believer and those who wish to know Him through Christ.