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Vision is a gift that God has given to most of us. Eyesight allows you and I to see the world around us. From colors to shapes, to the very people that are within our vicinity – it is the gift of eyesight that provides the opportunity to partake in the beauty that God has created. The human eye is what sends signals to our brain which then results in understanding what it is that we see. Without eyesight or even poor eyesight, our brain could not properly distinguish or process any images that may or may not be perceived.

Spiritually speaking, all of us are in one of two categories:

    • Spiritual blindness – In a previous blog post the topic of spiritual blindness was examined. To be spiritually blind is to be unaware of one’s spiritual condition, unaware of God and His presence, unaware of our enemy who is satan, and unaware of the world around us. 2 Corinthians 4:4 says that the ‘god of this age’ has blinded many from the light of Christ. Without Jesus Christ, we are all spiritually blind.
    • Spiritual enlightenment – When you and I are enlightened, we are then aware of what God desires of us and we begin to see what He sees. One way that spiritual enlightenment occurs is through God’s Word. Psalm 119 and verse 105 says the following:

      (NLT) “Your word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path.” 

      The Psalmist David makes it clear in this verse and even throughout this chapter that God’s Word and even obedience unto God’s commands provide a path that is clear and in balance. Verse 105 hones in on the aspect of God’s word being the very thing that gives us the ability to see in darkness. When you think about our world what comes to mind? Is it chaos or confusion? Perhaps you may think of a world that is in a mess in all phases. However, the Word of God is a light to a dark path.

In order to see the world, yourself, and even God Himself we can and must look to God’s Word for guidance. Part of the reason why many are seeing life through a shattered lens is because the sinful nature that we were all born into has kept us from seeing life and even God the way that we were meant to. It is God’s Word that shows us God’s design for humanity.

It is the truth of God through Jesus Christ that provides a blueprint for how you and I are to love one another in addition to loving God with all of our being. However, satan has used deception which has caused many to be spiritually unaware. The lies that satan has fed the masses have altered the vision of many which has caused them to operate in sin rather than in God’s righteousness.

However, you and I can experience liberty and spiritual enlightenment through Jesus Christ. Luke chapter 4 verse 18 says the following:

(NLT) “The Spirit of the LORD is upon me, for he has anointed me to bring Good News to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim that captives will be released, that the blind will see, that the oppressed will be set free,” 

In verses 14-28, Jesus visits His hometown of Nazareth and while there he went to the Synagogue on the Sabbath where He read scriptures. The words of Luke 4:18 are taken from the book of Isaiah chapter 61 and verse 1. These words were chronicled by Isaiah and later read by Jesus. We can see that even in the Old Testament, there are parallels and even mentions of Jesus. However, the point to be made is that it is the Spirit of the Lord and Jesus Christ who have come to set us free.

In our spiritual darkness or blindness, we are bound. However, Jesus Christ has come that you and I would be enlightened and that the truth of God would be manifested in our life. Notice the words that Jesus read, “He has sent me to proclaim that captives will be released, that the blind will see, that the oppressed will be set free,”.  If you look throughout the New Testament, Jesus healed many of physical blindness but Christ’s intervention in the life of others was not only physical. Jesus Christ intervened and illuminated the heart of those who were in darkness.

When you and I are given the illumination that only God can give us through Jesus Christ, we can no longer see life the way that we saw it when we were in darkness. Your heart in addition to your spiritual sight is changed completely. It is when we begin to align ourselves with God’s Word and in the Holy Spirit that we are able to see what God sees. What does God see? Here are a few things:

    • God sees the heart of every person 1 Samuel 16:7 declares that humanity looks at the outward appearance, but God looks at the heart. If we are looking through God’s eyes, then we will be more inclined to look at those around us for who they are rather than their outward appearance. By nature, we as humans are built to judge others by what we see rather than what is in a person’s heart. When we have discernment and we are seeing through God’s eyes spiritually, it is much easier to look at others for what is in their heart instead of focusing on their appearance.
    • God sees our enemy – Lucifer was one of God’s creations, however, it was because of His pride in the beginning of time that caused him to be cast out of Heaven essentially losing who He was and His position with God. Lucifer became who we know today as satan. Thus, God knows our enemy and his tactics. If we are walking in the Spirit, then we too will come to understand our enemy and we will recognize him when he appears. It is because we are in a spiritual battle that you and I are unable to see satan in the flesh. However, when we are seeing through spiritual eyes, we will see satan and we will know how to address our enemy with weapons that are not carnal or fleshly but Spiritual.
    • God sees the human need for salvation – When you and I are seeing through God’s eyes, we are able to then see the need for salvation which is evident in our sinful nature. The heart of God is for all people and God’s desire is that we all know Him through Jesus Christ. 2 Peter 3:9 says that God wishes that none should perish. When we are looking through the eyes of God we begin to see the depravity in humanity and the necessity for the salvation of the lost.

What do you see? Are you looking through God’s eyes or are you spiritually blind? Many within our world have attempted to discover answers to many of life’s most complex questions. However, we as humans do not have the answers or solutions to the problems within our world. Only through Christ will we see what God sees and arrive at the solutions.

Do you know Jesus Christ as your Lord & Savior? If not, then you are operating in spiritual blindness.  Allow God to uncover your eyes from the darkness to be enlightened by the Holy Spirit. Jesus died and rose again so that you could be saved from your sin. Accept this gift of life so that you will have the vision to see what God sees.