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DayNightAll of us have been blessed to have the gift of life. While not everyone will pass away at the same exact time period, the one thing we all have in common is that we each have 24 hours a day that God has given to us. In such a time period, there are at least two distinctions that we all use to determine how much time has passed. The first distinction is that of the ‘daytime.’ Daytime or daylight symbolizes light and even movement. To see the light of day is to experience illumination.

While the hour of morning generally begins at 12:00 am, daybreak is usually understood to take place when the sun begins to rise and darkness begins to recede. Thus, the end of the night is declared which means the beginning of the dawn. Then there is also of course the distinction of the ‘night time’ or ‘dusk.’ The night time period represents darkness and for many a time of rest or seclusion from the world. It is usually a time in which you are unable to see because of the darkness that surrounds you.

Spiritually speaking, there is also such a distinction between light and darkness. The Apostle Paul assists us in the illustration by using the phrases ‘children of the light’ and ‘children of the day.’ This reference can be found in 1 Thessalonians Chapter 5 in verse 5 in which he says the following:

(ESV) “For you are all children of light, children of the day. We are not of the night or of the darkness”

In chapter 5 of 1 Thessalonians, the Apostle Paul is writing to the church in Thessalonica. He urges Christians in that church to be watchful for the Lord’s return. Paul does so in the manner of reminding those who are in Christ that they are not in darkness, but that we in Christ are children of the light or children of the day. Why does Paul use both of those phrases concerning Christians?

To be a child of the day or a child of the light, it means that there is a sense of illumination and even a distinction. Paul continues in that verse when he says that we are not of the night or the darkness. This is a declaration to those who are in Christ that there is a separation between those in Christ and those who are in sin. Children of the day are individuals who have allowed Jesus Christ to enlighten their spiritual eyes and their heart.

What are the characteristics of a person who is a child of the day? Here are a few considerations:

Godly Love – This is not meant to refer to love as the world casually uses this phrase, but it is meant to denote a love that only comes from God. The world suggests that love is based on a feeling or that it is conditional. However, love that comes from God is unconditional and it seeks to serve others.

Restraint and abstinence from sinful living – A person who is a child of the day will adhere to a lifestyle that is not one of living in sin. Contrary to much of the false doctrine, one who is truly in Christ will shun evil as Proverbs 14:16 says. We are living in a time in which one can claim Christianity or say that they know God, but yet their lifestyle does not line up with God’s demand for self-restraint and obedience unto His commands.

A person cannot be a child of the light or of the day and allow sin to be within their life. Our world today continues to impress the idea that you can believe in God and be ‘religious’ and yet accept sinful behavior and even the sinful behavior of others.

Allegiance to God instead of to what satan desires – Humanity has now embraced secular humanism and ‘global unity.’ However, we who are children of the day must reject satan’s ploy to unify those of us who are in Christ with the wickedness of the world. Our allegiance must be to God and God alone. Anything less than such a stance is to abide by the lawlessness and sinfulness that is presented to those in the faith.

Such characteristics or dispositions as noted above are just a few of the things that separate a person who is of the day and a person who is of the night. What are the characteristics of a person who is a child of the night or in darkness?

Unrepentant sin – If you look at the world around us, many have taken God’s truth and spiritual and even moral absolutes and made it into a complete lie. It is now acceptable to do ‘what you feel’ is the right thing and to accept a myriad of sins. Those who live in unrepentant sin are doing so because they are unable to accept the things of the Holy Spirit as 1 Corinthians 2:14 says. Their eyes have not been illuminated by Jesus Christ, which means sin is natural which means they are in darkness.

Confusion about what is true and what is a lie – Our world today has become entrenched in the delivery of various mixed messages that many are confused as to what is right and what is wrong. Even many who claim to be Christians have allowed the world to dictate what God has said and what God hasn’t said. It is the person who is a child of the night that cannot understand the truth of God because they adhere to false doctrine.

Rapid decay both spiritually and physically – If you are a child of the night or in darkness then your life will begin to exhibit a decline in many different ways. Outside of Jesus Christ a person’s life cannot be full of peace or safety because there is a staunch opposition to God who gives life in abundance. Various examples can be shown of what a life looks like when it is unattached from Jesus Christ. Many who commit suicide or even those who are caught in addiction are simply mirroring the symptoms of a broken life without Christ.

Just as there is an obvious delineation between day and night, spiritually there is a divide between light and darkness. What the world promotes is a merge between the two, however, if a person is truly in Christ then such a merger cannot take place because the world will not accept the things or the people of God as they are. To a sinner who chooses to reject God, anything that resembles His light cannot and will not be accepted.

The reason for this is because, where there is light the darkness begins to fade. That is how the life of every Christian should operate. Are you a child of the day or a child of the night? If you don’t know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior then you are living in darkness. Jesus came and died so that you could be a child of the day. The world is rapidly changing for the worse, but there is hope in Jesus Christ. Accept His gift of life and allow God to show you His marvelous light.