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There are two terms that can be used to describe the authenticity of a subject matter. ‘Fact’ and ‘Fiction’ are words that create a line of distinction between what is true and what is false. For example, a film or a book that is classified as ‘fiction’ is one that is based on events that are inherently false or imaginative which means that it did not actually occur. On the other hand, information that is based on a fact or facts is undoubtedly true in its origin.

Facts cannot be disputed because at the root of existence lies the very essence of veracity which results in failed attempts to prove a falsehood. Regardless of how much one would try to prove that water is not wet, the fact is that water in its very nature and molecular structure creates the moisture which characterizes water as we know it. One can desire to suggest that something is not false, but the truth is found in its fiction or lack of evidence to support the basis for claimed truth.

For many centuries, humanity has participated in heated debates regarding the existence or even non-existence of God. Atheists have long since held to the belief that we as humans do not have staunch evidence to prove that God exists. Agnostics believe that there is a mystery behind the existence of God which means that it cannot be known. Even those who ascribe to other religions such as Hinduism, Islam, or even New Age beliefs, hold tightly to what it is that they believe to be true about life and God as they see Him to be or not to be.

However, there is one immutable and overarching fact that trumps what belief systems exist and that is that God is the only true God. The Bible gives us clear facts to God’s existence and His presence throughout history. Genesis 1:1 says the following:

(KJV) “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.”

This one verse of scripture is perhaps one of the best starting points as it relates to understanding God’s existence. This scripture says that in the very beginning God created Heaven and the Earth. The world around us did not just occur out of happenstance. One type of argument that well-known Atheists such as Professor Stephen Hawking use is that the universe was created by ‘spontaneous creation.’ This belief is meant to suggest that what we see was simply created out of an explosion which ties into the theory of the big bang.

However, such belief does not account for creation because with every creation there is a creator. The Bible was written by men who were inspired by the Spirit of God. All of the trees, the oceans, the birds of the sky, and the atmosphere around us was created by God. Even we ourselves were created by God as the book of Genesis chapter 1 and verse 27 points out in the creation of the first human. Adam was created in the image of God as this scripture says.

Even after Adam was created and Eve was later taken from the rib of Adam, she too was created to be in the likeness of God. The story of creation is one that only God is responsible for. The question of whether or not God exists has been the topic of discussion for many centuries. The bigger question to be asked is, ‘If God does not exist then why is it that the same question continues to be asked?’

Why are arguments still a part of today’s discussion? The fact is that the existence of God is all around us, and there is only one true God. Humanity may come up with other ‘gods’ or ways to determine human existence but the very essence of life is built off of one creator who is God. He isn’t only the ‘God of the Old Testament’ as some would say, but He is God of both the Old and the New Testament.

Satan desires to obstruct and cause we as humans to denounce the existence of God because he does not want you and I to experience the presence and awesome power of God. His majesty is all around us and the fact that life, as we see it could not be created by human hands, is more than enough evidence to show that God is indeed the truth. Some of the greatest minds both past and present were deluded into thinking that God did not nor does He exist.

Individuals who were quite brilliant believed that since there is no physical evidence, then God cannot be proven to exist. Rather, the existence of life was explained by asserting philosophical and even scientific arguments. However, the first part of verse 1 in Psalm chapter 14 says:

(KJV) “The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God.”

It is the person who says that God does not exist who is foolish. They are blinded by their own sinfulness which means that they cannot understand who God is or even understand that He exists. Even those who choose to believe in other ‘gods’ or another ‘god’ they too are operating under a deception.

In our social climate, it is unpopular to speak out against other religions and even those who choose to deny God’s existence. We live in a global society in which it is considered ‘intolerant’ to erect a bulwark against someone else’s belief. We are in a ‘live and let live’ system. However, we who are Christians are tasked with the responsibility of speaking God’s truth and telling those in their sin that there is an alternative.

Jesus Christ was sent to Earth to die on the cross for the world’s sin. That means that if you don’t know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, your destiny is Hell and destruction. However, your destiny can be changed through Jesus Christ. God is indeed the only true God and He does exist, but it is up to you and every person to believe or not. God will not force Himself upon us, but He wants us to voluntarily believe and love Him with our whole heart.

When we do, there is an indescribable joy that comes from knowing the creator of the universe. How great would it be to know that the universe, the world we live in, and our very lives were not created by chance but that each creation that is not man-made was done with a specific purpose? The evidence of God is all around us, but for the truth to be revealed, there must be an acceptance of Jesus Christ in order to have one’s eyes illuminated to God’s truth. There is only one True God and none other like Him.