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We live in a global society in which there have been enormous sociological changes. From the institution and even evolution of the internet to the change in how humanity has become more globalized than ever before. The introduction of change is ubiquitous. Such shifts in our society have also included cultural changes related to the embrace of homosexuality, abortion, divorce, lack of marital or relational commitment, and a whole host of other issues.

The reality of our world is that the times that we live in have become altered so that you have the option to ‘invent your own truth.’ This means that what you believe is personal and it is not to infringe upon anyone else. We live in an era of unabashed freedom or at least the term ‘freedom’ is used to justify one’s actions. However, what many in our society fail to realize is that despite all of the social changes, there are moral and even spiritual absolutes. More so spiritually, there are at least five key aspects of life that cannot change:

1. Negative consequences that come with living in sin – The Bible is quite clear when the issue of sin is addressed. The Apostle Paul makes a reference to the consequences of sin in Galatians chapter 6, and verses 7-8. Paul says the following:

(ESV) “Do not be deceived: God is not mocked, for whatever one sows, that will he also reap. For the one who sows to his own flesh will from the flesh reap corruption, but the one who sows to the Spirit will from the Spirit reap eternal life.”

These two verses make it clear that whatever a person sows, is what they will reap. When a person is constantly sowing to their flesh or living their life in sin, then eventually, their life will reap corruption. Our society is decaying rapidly, both morally and spiritually. Many have been deceived to think that you can embrace the idea of what you deem to be ‘acceptable’ without negative consequences. The fact is, that when you are in unrepentant sin, then you are open to being devoured by satan.

Rather, the alternative is to live a life that is rooted and grounded in Jesus Christ. As the above scripture says, the person who sows to the Spirit, will reap eternal life. This means, by living for Jesus Christ and rejecting sin, you will avoid the negative consequences of sin. The key is recognizing that we cannot change the negative consequences of sin.

2. The judgment of God – Whether the judgment of God occurs here on the Earth or after you and I pass away, every person will be judged for what they do. God’s judgment is final, regardless of what we think or how much we may balk against it. When God brings judgment upon a nation, it usually means that those within the nation have lived in wickedness.

Concerning God’s judgment, John 3:18 says the following:

(ESV) “Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only Son of God.”

The fact is that anyone who is not in Christ and does not follow His commands is condemned. Our world continues to promote sin while at the same time the judgment that God will bring is unavoidable for those who choose to live in disobedience and according to their fleshly desires. However, it is the person who believes that Jesus Christ is Lord and has accepted Him as Lord and Savior, they will be the individual who escapes the wrath of God.

Despite how much we as humans believe that we are in control, we cannot change the judgment that will fall as it relates to those who embrace wicked behavior. The answer however, is to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior which is the way to avoid condemnation.

3. The authority of God – In the age of secular humanism, there has been a concerted effort to elevate human ability which is akin to attempting to ‘be God’ or ‘be a god.’ The fact is that we as humans are limited in our abilities. Despite the constant push for deciding one’s own fate, and being ‘the captain of one’s own ship’ the immutable reality is that God is the ultimate authority.

In Genesis chapter 11, verses 1-9 tells the story of ‘The Tower of Babel.’ In this scripture, it is recorded that humanity at one point decided to build a tower that would reach high to the heavens. In pursuit of such a feat, the people began in their quest to achieve greatness. However, the scripture shows us that eventually God confused the language of the people who attempted to build their tower.

The reason was because the people wanted to assert their own authority aside from God Himself. They were idolatrous because they attempted to serve and elevate themselves. In today’s time, we are living among many who have made themselves to be as God in terms of authority. However, God’s authority supersedes anything that humanity can create. Regardless of what we attempt to do, we must answer to God who is both the creator and the ultimate judge.

4. The Truth of God (His Word) – For many centuries, the Word of God has been debated among scholars and even among those who are unbelievers. However, it is the Word of God that remains true and will remain true for eternity. Psalm 119:89 says:

(ISV) “Your word is forever, LORD; it is firmly established in heaven.”

Regardless of how much our world culture changes or even the times we live in changes, it is God’s Word that will never change. Humanity attempts to denounce and even make it seem as if the Bible is ‘outdated’ and ‘old fashioned.’ However, the words that were written were given by the inspiration of God. Since these words come directly from God, then His words are absolute truth. The truth of God cannot be changed because they are concrete.

Even if our world attempts to nullify what God has proclaimed about sin or even eternal life, His Word cannot be stopped or changed. Everything that occurred in the Bible, and every prophetic Word that was written has and is coming to pass. The truth of God’s Word will always remain, even if society tries to discredit or defame the Bible, it will always stand.

5. God’s love – Regardless of our sin or even the choices we make, God’s love is one thing that will never change. It is the sin in our lives and an active participation in it that creates a chasm between God and humanity. His love is never a question, but rather it is whether or not we will be devoted to Him.

Psalm 136:26 says:

(NLV) “Give thanks to the God of heaven, for His loving-kindness lasts forever.”

God loves humanity and desires that we have a relationship with Him through Jesus Christ. It is the love of God that surpasses any other love or figure of love that the world attempts to create. Satan doesn’t want you and I to know God’s great love or to have a relationship with Him. This is why satan uses distractions and lies to put us into a place of separation from God. While the enemy influences us, it is our choice to believe his lies and reject God.

However, God gives each person an opportunity to know Him. His love will never change, which means, as long as you are alive you have an opportunity to know Him. Even if you have made mistakes in your past, God’s love goes beyond what you have done. The question is, will you surrender your life unto Jesus Christ?

If you don’t know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, then you are in a place of separation from God. The 5 points named are aspects of God that will never change. Our world is fluid and constantly changing, however, God is the only constant that will always exist. Without Him, then you and I are left up to the devices and ways of this world. Accept Christ today, and allow God to show you just how loving and constant He truly is.