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The Message

ID-100354832.jpgA marathon is a type of race that involves long distance running. Athletes participate with the intent to complete what may seem like to outsiders a monumental task. Each participant understands that it isn’t about winning the race or achieving a top position. The ultimate goal is to endure until the end.

As each runner goes forth, they battle through pain, fatigue, and the ever present thoughts of quitting before the race ends. However, the belief in each person’s heart and mind is that they are able to cross the finish line. There are even those who experience injury and complete exhaustion and yet they push forward until the very end. It is the accomplishment of completing a marathon that matters the most.

Spiritually speaking, we all face our own marathon experience throughout life. Both to the believer and unbeliever, life does not conceal or limit its challenges. However the…

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